The Most Controversial Word in the Dictionary

Now this is probably a good choice; it might be useful for our conversation starters, for us to recognize terms for use in other contexts.

However, if one makes a list of “most objectionable words in the dictionary,” it should be obvious that people will usually come up with an objection to something that they see. So we’ll probably not be mentioning all that “excessively obscene” in this list.

In fact, it could be argued that some of these words are so obscene that they are just not acceptable as words in everyday speech. So we’ll probably not name all of the “excessively obscene” words in the list.


The most controversial word for millennials is “transgender,” which is one of a handful of trendy phrases in the lexicon of the youngest generation. In “Transgender” 2015, the online magazine The Daily Dot named Caitlyn Jenner as the number one word for millennials, citing how the former model “has become a powerful symbol of diversity and acceptance, and, in light of last month’s election, an ever-present theme of acceptance.” However, that article noted that Caitlyn Jenner isn’t the only one with fans among millennials.

Another word that has grown especially in popularity in the past few years is “genderqueer.” “Genderqueer describes a group of people who identify as both male and female, sometimes referred to as being different,” The Washington Post reports. While it may seem a little unusual for another member of the millennial generation to fit into such a gender-neutral set of words, that doesn’t necessarily mean transgender is wrong.

There have been numerous examples of other groups embracing terms other than the most popular.