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If you're sending out an email or letter to business contacts that don't read your emails, it's imperative that your communication is clear and professional. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a business letter template. A professional sounding, professionally written letter makes an impressive first impression.

Secretaries, executives, managers, or any employee who needs to send business_related communication in the mail can find this very professional template easily available in Microsoft Word with a click of the mouse. First, look over past correspondence history to see what types of communications have been received. Then, create specific groupings based on name, address, and other basic information unique to the business. It's best to use one template that fits all aspects of your letters.

When using an email template, make sure it contains all the formatting that's used in email messages. For example, you might include a header. Then you include the text to include the email message and the title of the email. You can also include a closing text that lists the sender, date, time, and subject line. It's best to keep the header and the body of the email the same as those used in other writing forms.

Next, you should look at the table format to see how to best use it. Look over the columns to see which parts of the table work well to use. Also, find the section where you should insert the heading. If you do, check for space limitations and whether or not you can have more than one column displayed in a row. Finally, look for spaces on either side of each column so that you don't need to make them fill out the whole table.

If you're using this template in an email or letter to a business contact, you might want to insert the following format to ensure clarity. "To whom it may concern," "in haste," or "out of the way." These are good formats for a business letter and you can insert these if the sender is being difficult, doesn't listen, or just plain is rude. Also, you can insert the title, the name of the recipient, the address, and the time and date of the email message.

The next step is to look at the font style. This will vary depending on the type of letter that you're sending. The best style to choose for a business letter template is Times New Roman or Arial. It's a bit less bold but still readable for all business purposes. You can also try Arial and Courier New for a professional appearance.

To personalize the letter, you can insert your own title, initials, a business's name, or logo. If you're sending an email, you can use the same format but be sure to put the recipient's name at the bottom of the letter or insert the sender's name, and include the date, time, and address.

You've now created your business letter template! The final step is to make it searchable and easy to access by others. Create a file and save it as a Word document and then distribute it in your business address book or send it through the email program.

Make sure you create a file that's easy to read. You can also use Microsoft Office Word and save it as a file, but it won't be as attractive as Word. You can also download templates for free from the Word website and use them with Word.

An online template that you can use with Word is Word Express. It includes an entire business letter template with just a few buttons. You can then easily add graphics, and pictures, change fonts, add bullets and other formatting options, and edit your documents from the comfort of your home. You can also set your own file, including all of the formatting and graphics you can edit it as often as you want.

So, there you have it: Your first step is to learn how to use a business letter template and then make one that will help you with your next writing project. Write that first draft. You can use the template you have created to test out any ideas that you have for that second draft and make sure it looks the way you want. Then you can take the words and make a few changes, print the first draft, proofread it, and then go back and revise until you are happy with it.

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