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A therapy progress report, or PR, can help clients and families keep track of therapy progress. This important document helps clients stay on target with therapy plans and keep track of individual therapy sessions. This document should be kept for two years after a therapy session and can be helpful in determining if the client needs continued therapy or if they are improving. The templates provided by many professional therapy agencies are easy to customize to meet the needs of the client.

The first step in creating a therapy progress report is to choose the topic. The topic should be based on the client's personality, interests, and current situation. Topics should include everything from alcohol abuse and dependency to school performance. The topic and content of the report should be organized around the client's personal issues, which will serve as the basis for discussing progress. It is important to keep the tone of the report positive, though.

Once the topic is determined, the next step is to write the introduction. This will give a brief description of the client and their family. The introduction should also provide information on the therapist's contact information. The next part of the report will discuss the progress of the client's therapy. There should be specifics on what was discussed in the past session, what has been accomplished since then, and what is planned for the upcoming sessions.

The therapy progress report should end with an overview of the meeting. This part can include questions posed by the client and answers by the therapist. The questions and answers section of the report can vary depending on the client's therapy plan. If the client is undertaking a self_treatment or health care team intervention, the questions can focus on the intervention and progress so far. If the client is completing a specific treatment plan, the questions can include how the plan is working and what needs to be done next.

After the introduction and the overview, the therapy progress report should provide specific details. These details should include any new behavioral or emotional patterns that have emerged. They should also include any improvements or changes in the client's health or functioning. The details should also include any new information that has come about since the last report. The details should be organized according to each area of the client's therapy so that they are easy to read and understand.

Finally, the therapy progress report should contain recommendations. The recommendations should be presented in such a way as to indicate that the client needs further support. For example, if the client has experienced a history of depression or substance abuse in the past, there may be suggestions that further counseling or professional help is necessary. If the client is having difficulty dealing with feelings of shame or guilt, a recommendation may be that further work with a counselor or therapist is needed. The recommendation should not be that the client needs to make a special trip to therapy or take a pill.

In addition to these recommendations, the therapy progress report should also contain what would be considered "negative" changes. These should include any negative behaviors that are occurring or have been occurring in the past. The report should not be limited to these as they may be related to other issues. For instance, a client having difficulties with his/her voice might suggest that therapy might be helpful for lowering the volume of the voice.

After the preparation of the therapy progress report, it will be necessary to document everything. This will include documenting any changes that are being made to the client's therapy. Then, it will be necessary to read the client's therapy progress report over again. This time, the focus will be on keeping the changes that were noted within the progress document intact. If changes are deemed to be negative, it will be important to discuss those changes with the client and his or her therapist.

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